Friday, October 28, 2005

The Image

Since I am heavily interested with the field of cinematography, I put a lot of thought into the visualization of this film.
  • The color saturation is very high, with passionate reds popping throughout most of the film.
  • The lighting is very high contrast: the range of luminance goes from slightly overexposed to crushed blacks within the frame.
  • The lighting is also very controlled and soft, especially on the actors faces.
  • Most of the lenses are fairly wide, adding abstract distortions to the characters and environment.

Artistic and filmic visual influences include

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Crew

Here is the list of fine, hard-working people involved with the production:

Tim Ziegler - Writer/Director
Meredith Lynn - Producer/Editor
Adam Haas - Producer
Luke Kalteux - Director of Photography
Shelli Wenzel - Art Director/ Script Supervisor
Kristen Jobe - Hair/Makeup/Warddrobe
Danae Hoffman - Costume Designer
Paul Schmidt - Gaffer
Nick Gumm - Assistant Director
Erica Mazzolari - Continuity Supervisor
Scott Giese - 1st Assistant Camera
Bryce Sherer - 2nd Assistant Camera
Jason Gildenzopf - Grip
Breanne Brennan - Grip
Kasey Deringer - Grip
Alison Berkovitz - Production Assistant
Kari Frea - Production Assistant
Tom Freitag - Sound Designer
Anthony Rossi - Sound Designer
Ben Picker - Sound Designer
Sue Kiesaw - Costume Rental
Atomickatz - Prop/Costume Rental
Annette Pufall - Painter/Fly Catcher

Monday, October 24, 2005

Pinmonkey's Wall Art

The Setting

While we take a break from shooting (we shoot next the first weekend of Nov.), I will explain some of the vision of "Pinmonkey" in terms of style.

The time and place of the story is completely ambiguous--it really exists in its own universe (think of Wes Anderson or Tim Burton films). The art direction draws heavily from the 1940s, but there is no year. The world is slimy, morally questionable and full of decay--almost post-apocalyptic. The pictures you see from scene 10 (if you have not read the script) are from a fantasy in the mind of the main character. It is the antithesis of the "real" world: civilized, pure, sunny, and beautiful

Friday, October 21, 2005

Scene 3 pics

...And here's Scene 3: The slimy streets.

Principle Photography Begins!

We started shooting the exteriors early (it gets damn cold in Wisconsin!). On October 16 we shot scenes 3 and 10--two very different scenes. I think it went swell. Here's production stills from scene 10:

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Cast

Adam Briesmeister - Pinmonkey

Maria Bartholdi - The Barfly

Gary Zurbuchen - Cigar-Smoking Man

(not pictured)
Mike VanRyzin - Mr. Preston

(not pictured)
Bob Ekdahl - Angry Bowler

The Script

Here you are, you eager beavers: The Script

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Welcome to the Pinmonkey Page

This blog tracks the progress of 'Pinmonkey:' A short film written and directed by me, Tim Ziegler. Pinmonkey is a pitch black, character-driven comedy about a pinsetter (a guy who manually sets up pins at a bowling alley) who falls in love with a dead barfly. Produced by Meredith Lynn and Adam Haas, Cinematography by Luke Kalteaux, Art Direction by Shelli Wenzel and Kristen Jobe, Costume Design by Danae Hoffman.